A resident Mistress of The English Mansion and more than familiar with all aspects of domination, although I get a particular thrill from tie & tease scenes as I adore bondage.

I am also passionate about the many aspects of dressing and enforced feminisation. I have a huge collection of sissy, slut and maid attire including lots of beautiful wigs and larger shoes and boots. I'm also adding to my wardrobe on a weekly basis. You may find yourself in my boudoir being feminised and put into chastity. You could be made to to serve me as my maid, or dressed like a slut lap-dance for me. Maybe I will make you wear sexy lingerie to worship my feet and legs-your male clothes confiscated until I'm finished with you.


Illustrations above by my friend Vince Ray show me at around 20 years ago when I had a peroxide crew-cut. The first one a joint picture with me as wicked twins with Mistress Sidonia of The English Mansion. The second a year or so later, I decided to reciprocate by having Mistress Sidonia as twins in the background...a bit of fun! www.Vince Ray.com

I enjoy fantasy role-play and possess a huge wardrobe of outfits and props that go toward building the fantasy. I get a real thrill from dishing out OTK spankings.

I like to be in charge as humiliation and control is a big turn-on for me. As is using my strap-on, you may find yourself sucking and worshipping my cock, I'll be giving you lessons as to how I like my cock pleasured and if I may even decided we need to test you out on the 'real' thing in.

I am open-minded and genuinely interested in people’s sexuality and their deepest fantasies. I’m also fun which I hope my website reflects. But don’t let this fool you; at the drop of a hat I am more than capable of showing you my strict controlling side. I enjoy playing with people at all levels of experience and revel in seeing novices and couples.


Two portraits by talented femdom artist Sardax. The first was of when I used to 'switch' depicting my two sides Submissive & Dominant. The second a wonderful representation of my interests now, is part of the Circus collection and was used on a recent Club Pedestal flyer.  www.Sardax.com

After having starred in hundreds of British BDSM and CP movies, dozens of photo-shoots, and playing to my hearts content I find myself happy that I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many interesting people of all nationalities, ages, personalities and walks of life.

It's 20 years since I embarked on this great sexual adventure on the fetish scene and alongside the skilled and highly respected Mistress Sidonia of The English Mansion, a relationship that blossomed into a close friendship that endures to this day. Since then I’ve attended fetish clubs and events around the world, and had the opportunity to act out my fantasies in some amazing chambers including Lady Rivas (Cologne), Mistress Wynter’s ‘Wonderland’ (New York), Mistress Jasmines (New York), Club Doma (Den Haag) Club Paddles (New York) and Trautenberks Medieval Torture Chamber (Prague).


Just two of the many powerful, beautiful portraits of me by Ariel Belle  www.inbloodred.com

Lady Nina x